The first fully configurable real estate geo-information app.


Géoloc or type an adress and let MAPSCAN calculate a “quality of life” score for this location.


Do you want to personalize this score ? No problem : select the nuisances you are sensitive to and then indicate a minimum distance from each one of them.

Example: living more than 300 m away from a wastewater treatment plant


On the other hand choose the amenities that matter to you and determine a maximum distance away from them.

Example: living within 200 m of a nursery


Be aware of natural or industrial hazards nearby. Whether you are pro or anti-nuclear, again configure the application as you see fit.


The app offers, in addition, different cartographic visuals for a perfect overview.

Business solutions

MAPSCANpro, a pro version of the app, will provide you with features developed for the real estate business : export / print results, specific criteria, etc.

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MAPSCAN will, in a single click,

collect and compute millions of data,
analyse thousands of sectors,
for one single goal :

Help you find the perfect home !

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